Support is HERE!

I have been getting a lot of requests to start a Facebook support group. I have been hesitant because I know how much work a group can be…lots of monitoring and answering questions and I just was not sure I had the time for that. But a fellow “30/10er” volunteered to help “admin” the group and we got it up and running today! Please see the information below on how to join this group. Just to be CLEAR- this is NOT a place to bash the 30/10 program or question each others choices…it is a place for SUPPORT, empathy, understanding and LOVE so please do not join if you do not share our common goals. you WILL be removed if you are not “one of us”! I feel bad for having to type a stern warning but you guys would be surprised at the hate mail I get…it’s REDIC! Anywhoos…here is the info! You will also now see a page on the menu bar with the exact same info as below. If you know others who are 30/10ers please pass along the group’s info 🙂

I will be back to blogging very soon…I have been kinda down in the dumps for a while for no reason in particular but one of my strategies our of the dumps is blogging so you will see the posts flowing again soon! Thank you all for your continued support and positive feedback on this blog- it helps me and everyone else struggling!

This group is for people who are active with 30/10 or have done the program and are looking for additional support. This group’s’ purpose is to provide a safe place to ask questions, vent, get support, receive empathy, feel some love, gather recipe ideas, and share our common struggle and success! Please click the link below to join the group!

Group Name: Thee Struggle is REAL 30/10 Support Group



2 thoughts on “Support is HERE!

  1. I LOVE April. She is a talented and brilliant young lady. She referred me to 30/10. I lost more weight in one week than I have in exercising twice daily for 2 months.

    Keep your head up A.W. The struggle IS real, but you are not alone.


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