Day 30: Father’s Day

Today was another great day! We celebrated Father’s Day with my in-laws, grandparents, and sister and her future husband! It was a glorious day…LOTS of sun and lots of playing! We enjoyed some amazing food with one of the best views in town! My dad is out of town flitting around southern Alaska on their boat but I did get to talk to him today..he is the one in the green horns. My father-in-law seems to have fit into my master plan of getting him to do my bidding…hence the patriotic nails last 4th of July. So all in all these gentleman deserve a day of celebration for their awesomeness! And celebrating with my grandparents is always a highlight. They are in their 80’s but you would never know it…they just love life and continue to live it on their terms. I also got to spend today hanging out with my 4 year old nephew who is still trying to get the rolled tongue thing down! It was just a really great day of family and celebration.


I did cheated today…I had a slice of Rice Cream Pie. This thing is straight deliciousness…it is truly irresistible. And my family ONLY enjoys it in the summer months. It’s an ice cream pie with a homemade fruit topping. The crust is Rice Crispies, Kayro syrup and peanut butter then covered with vanilla bean ice cream. Then the FRESH peach fruit that has been marinating in sugar all day is dollop on top. In the heat everything melts just enough to turn it soft  and the flavors mix to create this fireworks show in your mouth. IT WAS DELICIOUS. There are other desserts I can pass up…and this will be the only Rice Cream Pie of the summer (I hope). So I felt a little guilt for eating it… but Grandma made it so it has extra love squished into the crust! you can’t say no to Grandma love…you just cant. So I enjoyed it and I will savor that dessert for the rest of the summer.I do not want this to become a pattern. Every time something becomes tempting…I think I will remember the Rice Cream Pie. I will ask myself…what would I rather have? THIS or a slice of Rice Cream Pie? I don’t think there is much out there that can top that…Moms homemade cherry pie or chocolate cream pie MAYBE but those are Spring and Fall specialties. The Rice Cream Pie will become my litmus test…I shall judge all other temptations but this Pie! Hopefully it will work.

I did notice today that I can get into some yoga postures that I have NEVER been able to get into. This is a milestone because I have been practicing for YEARS. Its the move where from Mountain pose you bring one of your knees to your chest while the other leg remains straight. Then keeping your back straight you move your hards from your knee to your foot, grasping the bottom of your foot with both hands with interwoven fingers. You then extend your leg forward parallel to the floor and hold for 10-15 seconds. You then repeat all that for the other leg. The non-funky name is -I think- Standing Head to Knee pose.


Well holy shitballs…I could do the whole thing today…with NO warm up or anything. I was FLOORED. The closest I have ever come to this was with the use as a towel slung around the bottom of my feet. I cant get my head to my knee of anything like that…but I CAN now get my leg extended in front of me with both hands wrapped around my foot. Almost all of the fat I have released has been visceral but the releasing of that has freed up some internal room for my organs to move and contort for my Standing Head to Knee pose. I knew there was a reason I was doing this…so I could FINALLY get into Standing Head to Knee pose! I mean seriously…if I can finally show up those skinny bitches in the yoga studio with my killer poses this will have ALL been worth it. GAME ON!

Tomorrow we are back to the lake…Grady and I will finally be living together again for the summer months. I am looking forward to that and getting back into some sort of routine. It is supposed to not drop below 80 degrees for the next two weeks…my goal is to get all the fun islands blown up and the swim lanes out so we can start enjoying the lake in its full glory! Summer School also starts tomorrow and I am prepared for that…ready to great my new kids and get that rolling. You can pass up Summer School. It could pay for an entire 2 week LUXURY Hawaiian vacation. I just can’t say no to that…not yet at least. I will leave you with this evenings GLORIOUS sunset. Peaceful Sunday all!



3 thoughts on “Day 30: Father’s Day

  1. I need to get into yoga. There is only one tiny place that does it here and it’s so far out of my comfort zone there is just no freaking way. My daughter seems to think we need to check it out on the wii fit. I don’t know, I just know you are exactly right in the GAME ON!!! That is totally freaking bad ass!! Way to go!!


    1. I LOVE YOGA!!! If you have a tablet there are a TON of yoga apps that have WHOLE classes that you can watch and do in the comfort and security of your home! Most yoga studios are REALLY good about peoples feelings. Most yogis are there to PRACTICE and dont care what you are or are not doing. Yoga is one long practice session and everyone is focused on THEM not you. That is one of the MANY things I appreciate about yoga. And if you want guidance in some poses the teachers are there to help. If not they kinda leave you alone. At least that has been my experience! Yoga Glow is a GREAT app to get you started!


    2. The other AWESOME thing about yoga…you are only doing what you can do. But every day you WILL notice that you can do more and more. Its little things like bending further than before or stretching a bit further than before. No one else notices but YOU notice and it is the BEST feeling in the world! You DID it!


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