Day 29: Chillin’!

Today has been a pretty easy day so far…Got up around 10am…got my workout clothes on…enjoyed a quick breakfast of cereal and headed outside to get some weeding done. Grady had his project and we divided and conquered! That took about an hour and a half then we had some coffee with the grandparents and chit chatted about the days news. I then made us some lunch and I headed out for a 1.56 mile walk! I was very impressed with my time and stamina. I walked that distance at a 16:32 minute pace and had NO pain in my lower leg muscles! That was a first for both milestones in a long time! I showered up and spend 2 hours working getting my summer school classes ready to role for Monday and Grady dove into the book he has been reading. The sun is just cresting towards the horizon and the wind has picked up…making the heat and direct sun tolerable.     We are going to head back over to grams and gramps to make some sauerkraut and BBQ some flank steaks for dinner! All in all it was a good day. I am happier if I stay busy and focused of projects and To-Do lists. Tomorrow Grady’s family will join us here for Fathers Day and we are both looking forward to celebrating with everyone! Ice Cube said it best…today was a good day.. .goota


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