Day 125: KILLER Results!

Well…I met my goal of having a 2 pound weight loss this week. I also exceeded those 2 pounds by 5.1 pounds bringing my weight release for the week to 7.1 POUNDS! Stress…its a hell of a weight loss trick. I indulged Friday and Saturday but stuck to the plan 100% Sunday-today. It feels good to know that my few indulgances did not throw off my progress. I was also VERY committed to my yoga and I feel and know and can see that it made a difference. I really listened to my teachers this week and reminded myself why I practicing and made it a point to listen to their instruction and make my asana’s as perfect as I could. My muscles thanked me each morning for that dedicated focus. So today brings my total weight release to 45 pounds. Sticking to the plan for those 5 days straight was a struggle. It was hard and I had many moments where I needed something that was not on plan. But I kept the two mantras in my head:


This really is the most weight I have ever released. In the past 10 years I have only seen my weight creep up and up and up. Grady has never known me at this weight and that seems kinda weird. I don’t think he thinks its weird but I think it would be different to see someone actually change their look and shape in front of your eyes. I get that kids grow up but we are used to seeing and witnessing that. It is not very often that adults shape shift!


I got the WORST news today about our kitchen however. The water leaked into areas that we didn’t think it did and now we need a whole new FLOOR. We have an open floor plan so that means our entire downstairs has to be a new floor. Hopefully the damage has not gotten into the kitchen cabinets or the walls behind the cabinets because then we really will need a whole new kitchen. I really do not want that to be the case. I just want this to be fixed and over. If November could get here that would be awesome. But this is why you have insurance. I am just going to take things as they come and remember to breath and think clearly when shit starts to go wrong. That’s all that I can do. This one is really out of my hands now.


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