Today was just today. I made SO many mistakes working today…I deleted major things in a class I should not have…I gave the wrong progress mark to multiple students…I finally felt like I was getting caught up only to find out that I am even more behind that what I though I was…I guess it was another frustrating day. But I stayed on plan…I stayed on plan. Somedays being a teacher just flat out sucks.


I am also really worried about Thursday. I just don’t think there was much releasing happening this week. It was a week of experimenting and that is just the way to goes sometimes. You have to experiment to figure things out! I stuck to the plan today and that is my victory for today! I just have to keep working towards this goal.

I have been thinking today that I need to make some smaller goals…I need to set maybe monthly or weekly goals to keep me motivated. I have my big goal of releasing 100 pounds but on days like today that feels like a long way off. We are going away for a weekend in the sun with some friends soon…I think I want to make it my goal to release 17 pounds by June 13th. That is going to me my new short term goal. When I get there I am going to open a letter from someone. That will be my reward. And if I don’t make it I am going to reflect on why that goal was not reached. I am going to talk about it with my coach and set a new goal for the 4th of July!


I was also inspired by a friend today. He has decided to write about his experience giving up sugar…the process that he went through to wean himself off and how it has helped him regain his mental health. It is hard writing about things that you have struggled with. Our society views struggle as a weakness and something not be be spoke of. But struggles need to be shared…it’s what makes them bearable. I think that the best way to walk through your struggles is to share what you are going through with others. It just spreads the perceived burden.

Tomorrow I am back home with a busy busy Wednesday and and equally busy Thursday. Back to the lake Friday then back home Sunday for a party! Just a bunch of busy weeks ahead and while I am am not looking forward to all the busyness and being away from Grady I think that also helps with all this. They busier I stay the easier it is to not be thinking about food!


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