Day 47: Good Times

Today was a great day! The weather was perfect and I had a lovely visit from my 2nd oldest friend and her family! I met this friend in PRESCHOOL…32 years ago. Her children are 12, 9 and 2 and do they know how to have fun! We spent the whole day playing in the water, riding the intertube behind the Chris Craft, and eating some delicious and on-plan food! After I had planned out the menu Grady pointed out to me that flank steak, salad, and veggies might not be the most kid friendly dinner. I was a bit panicked at first but I know my friend. She and her husband have raised them to be great eaters and by that I mean they will eat just about anything. And who is going to turn down STEAK? Even little kids know the good life and the good life is a GREAT steak. There 12 year old gave me a wonderful compliment toward the end of the meal. She told me that I was going to be a great mom because my food was so good. She said that my kids would be lining up for dinner all the time because it was delicious. Really? Cucumber salad (cucumbers, white vinegar, dill weed, salt and pepper is delicious food to a 12 year old?), green salad, and steamed veggies? Well I’l be dammed…if that is all it takes to be a great parent sign me up! It was adorable and it made me feel very good about the food choices I made for not only myself but the kiddos. I found it so interesting that the kids said nothing about the “adult” food being served. I know that they eat like this daily in their own home but coming down to the lake is like a mini-vaca. You have popsicles and lounge of the fun island all day…it is just a place where bad food choices could and have been made. For them- food was not why they were here. They were here to have fun and visit. I so wish I had their mentality about food. Food is secondary to all other things….it is way down the list of their lives at the moment. I wish I could bottle their food attitudes and use its super power in moments of weakness.

And despite the state wide burn ban we made S’Mores and they were DELICIOUS. The fire was warm and close to perfect for roasting, we had the GIANT marshmallows and the fancy sticks that turn with the touch of a thumb. It tasted really good and again….it was a moment of normalcy.


I want to be their mom and dads’ friend who has treats around…who spoils them and sneaks them goodies when mom and dad are not looking. But I can tell this attitude is turning away from food. I can spoil and treat them in other ways. I did freeze some Otter Pops for them to enjoy today but just a few…not the whole box. I did not offer soda or unlimited chips. I offered veggies and unsweetened iced tea. When lunch was done I cleaned it all up and we did not go back into the house until it was dinner time. I spoiled them with my time today and that felt really good. I spent as little time as I could in the kitchen and put all my extra time into being with them swimming and boating. I think that is more meaningful and memorable than any treat I could give them. You don’t remember the treat, you remember the day. Maybe they will remember the steak but only because it was delicious. 🙂

Tomorrow is D-Day…check in and weigh in after two weeks away. My goal for these two weeks was to not gain anything. I really think this will be the week I am put into check. I do feel that I have taken too many liberties these past 14 days and I am going to pay the price tomorrow morning. If that is the case I will be bummed but I will know that I need to refocus and just follow the plan. I would love to be able to have some indulgences in Alaska but not at the cost of no progress. Tomorrow will also kick of an uninterrupted week on on-plan meals…no distractions or temptations. I think that will be a good way to lead into out Alaska vacation…on plan and on track.


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