Days 99-102: The COUNSEL

It was RELAXING. I did 5 minutes of work the whole weekend and stayed off of social media for the most part. I visited with my grandparents and aunt and uncle…I watched the Hawks and Mariners…Grady and my boy cousins helped me figure out my fantasy draft (which is an EPIC team…I have the #1 draft spot)…and I watched the stormy weather roll up and down the canal. It felt really good. It was just what my soul needed. I don’t think it was what my addiction needed or my plan called for but it was what I needed to recharge and move on from this funk I think. I hope. Continue reading Days 99-102: The COUNSEL

Days 97-98 Gutter Balls

My body is revolting and hanging on to every ounce of water apparently…my brain hurts from thinking about work…my eyes are sore…my muscles are sore…I think ever body system is pissed off and wants OUT. I need some sleep and I need some clarity. I don’t even know if that will help. I don’t know what I need because I know that whatever I turn to is not going to make any of this go away. I know I just have to walk through it and deal with it as it comes. Continue reading Days 97-98 Gutter Balls

Days 92-96: Ups and Downs

I am the one throwing this off. And that makes it all the worst feeling ever. Why am I doing this? Why can’t I just pull my shit together and do this? Every fucking time I feel like I have moved forward or on from where I was I get bitch slapped back into my place. I think this is the point in the relationship that I walk out. OHHHHHHHH but here’s the thing. If I leave this relationship (struggle) now I will end up in worse place then where I started. So I continue to stay in this abusive relationship, getting slapped a few times a week? I guess so…that is my only option at the moment. Continue reading Days 92-96: Ups and Downs

Day 91: The Results are IN!

But THIS is the power of addiction. It keeps you in this miserable cycle, keeps you isolated and “faking it until you make it”, keeps you smiling and gives you just enough energy to try the next big thing that promises to rid your body of that vile stuff. But its all a game. You addition will never let you out of this cycle of hope and despair….it wants you here…it needs you here to survive. It keeps you thinking that YOU are the problem…you are the idiot who cannot figure it out…you are the dumbass who eats too much too often! There is NOTHING you can do to get out…you are stuck in this life of misery and fatness forever. Or so it would have you believe. Continue reading Day 91: The Results are IN!

Days 89, 90: The Day Before

Trying to focus on the goal has been huge this week…remembering why I am doing this and using some of the techniques I have learned to get past the cravings have helped. It is hard to use them all the time. It really does take some brain power to engage and use those strategies whenever hunger and cravings strike. It is WAY easier to just eat _____ and move on but that is what got me here in the first place. Continue reading Days 89, 90: The Day Before

Day 86: More Lists

The struggle today was no match for day. I has SHIT TO DO and was busy doing that. I also finished my book The Martian by Andy Weir and when I am reading I have NO TIME for the struggle. It was a great, on-plan day. No real cravings…no real issues. I think making all those lists helped. It lessened my anxiety about a lot of things and cleared up some pictures that had been covered in dust. Maybe that is something to add to “Thee One Who Struggles Knows This For Sure” list…that lists help lessen the struggle. Continue reading Day 86: More Lists

Days 84, 85: The Shit List

I can feel it getting better than last week but the tiredness is still there. It makes me VERY nervous for what is to come. If I am tired now and I am on summer vacation…what is it going to be like when work actually begins again? Not only will I be tired from the struggle but I will also be tired from work in general. How is THAT going to work? Continue reading Days 84, 85: The Shit List

Day 83: Results!

Despite the off plan foods and the drinky-poos from the weekend before and the lack of sleep and general poor attitude towards life Tuesday-today I managed to still get rid of some poundage. It was a HORRIBLE food week…I mean REALLY bad. But s my 30/10 coach helped me understand today…even with the bad food I am still eating less. I am making better decisions when I am not eating the bad food and I am thinking about why I am doing it. All victories in the larger struggle. Continue reading Day 83: Results!