Day 58: Skagway!

Today we had a 10 hour cruise to Skagway from Juneau. Forecasters had the sea at 3 foot swells but it was CALM as could be! We saw a pod of harbor proposes, one whales tale, and quite a few glaciers! Skagway is the very furthest north point of the Inside Passage…you cannot get any further north in Alaska without crossing into open ocean. It is the end of the line so to speak. Skagway is BEAUTIFUL. It is at the end of a LONG fjord called Lynn Canal and it surrounded by high mountains, snow and ice. It is calm…quiet…and picturesque. Today it was cool and overcast but tomorrow and the day after that are forecasted to be 75 and SUNNY! We will explore the town tomorrow, take in the museums and shows, and do some shopping! Then Tuesday take the White Pass trail train through the hills and mountains that was once one of the paths to the Yukon gold fields. My Great great grandfather was here in the late 1800’s and looking around the landscape it is hard to imagine the town that he lived in. But the hills and mountain are the same…the streets are very similar…and the sense of insignificance must have still been the same. Skagway is hanging onto one of the few flat areas to be found up here. Lynn Canal breaks into three small arms and Skagway is nestled into one of those little arms. There is not much here…only 2,500 people live here year round. But it hangs on to some of the glories of the gold rush days. Even socked in and grey it is beautiful. I am excited to really “dig” into town tomorrow and see the artifacts left my my great grandfather.

DSC_0442 (1) DSC_0446 (1) DSC_0453 (1) DSC_0462 (1) DSC_0467 (1)

Today was 99% on plan! I had some fudge that Grady bought in town but everything else was on plan…it was just sitting there calling my name…so I had a piece and it was pretty good. I am craving treats but again…I don’t know why. I don’t know if it is because I am on vacation or because I indulged the first two days and now my brain and body wants more of the good stuff. Even walking down Skagway tonight there are the ice cream shops and the fudge shops and the popcorn shops…it all smells SO good! When your are home these things just don’t pop up in your daily routines and your brain just does not think about these things. But when you are on vacation your brain is just in a different mode…it wants to just eat all the shit you possibly can as quickly as possible! I resisted the sweet smells of hot waffle cones and kettle corn this evening…I shall attempt to resist them tomorrow too! Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to resist. My body knows I am on vacation and my brain does to. At home it does seem easier to resist…here it seems like mission impossible some times. Is it worth indulging on vacation only? Would you enjoy your time on vacation more just because you did not think about indulgences? I don’t know yet…it’s the question that has been rattling around in my brain for the last two days. I am hoping that at the end of this trip I will have them answered. 

I did not weight in today as planned. I slept in until 9ish and took a glorious 3 hour nap while underway. It was a bones kinda day…lazy bones day! Tomorrow morning I will weight in and we will get plenty of walking in as well. I hope the scale will not be mean and it will say what it said last Thursday…it BETTER say what it said last Thursday or that scale is meeting its fate at the bottom on Davey Jones locker.


2 thoughts on “Day 58: Skagway!

  1. I’ve wondered the same thing about junk eating and vacations, it must be a brain thing. It’s a strange thing. I never want ice cream but put me on vacation on a trip or out for an evening and I’m all about a scoop. Ridiculous! Hope the scales didn’t meet their doom. 😉


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