Day 36: Holy Jicama!

Today I discovered Jicama. Hells bells…that stuff is GOOD. I picked up a 30/10 recipe when I first started for Cinnamon Jicama that I have been wanting to try. It super easy…take some store bought sliced Jicama and throw it in a bowl,melt some coconut oil and pour that over the Jicama slices. Then sprinkle on some cinnamon, Truvia, and salt. Bake at 350 for about 25 minutes turning the slices once. The whole house smelled like cookies as they were baking! I could not believe how good they were hot from the oven. They were a sweat and salty treat…just what I have been needing these last few days. Something sweet that hits the spot anytime of day. They were tastiest right out of the oven but cooled and mellowed nicely. I reheated a few in the microwave and they were spot on. I think reheating them in the oven would be best but in a pinch the microwave will do. I am SO happy I found these little gems.


I was able to find some time today to relax and read! There is an inspiring article in the latest Yoga Journal that focused on “mindful eating” It talked about how really thinking about your food using all of your senses could lead to a more fulfilling and filling eating experience. It also had some suggestions for breaking bad habits and replacing them with newer, healthier ones. I felt quite accomplished while reading the article…most of what they have suggested for Week 1 I have already put into motion! Week 1 is all about setting your foundation: find and understand your intentions of your goals, commit to a daily yoga practice, set smart-not food-goals that focus on the steps and process and not deprivation and ultimatums, and gather your support community! I am so ahead of your Yoga Journal! I will be trying this tidbit: “Practice eating mindfully by scanning your meals with you 5 senses; What does your food smell like? Wha is the taste and feel on your tongue, or the texture in your hands? What does the food sound like when you cut or chew? Take a moment to really consider your answers. Asking and answers these questions after each bite will inherently help you slow down and savor your food.” I like the sounds of that!


Tomorrow we leave for Silverwood! My food dis packed…clothes are washed, and 70SPF sunscreen is packed. We are in a bit if a heat wave here in the PNW…it will not be below 80 degrees for the next TWO weeks. Its going to be 90 in the day and only 80 at night. This is SO unlike our weather patterns. Usually is it is int 70’s and low 80’s…this is weather we sometimes see in August. I am nervous about bring my food into the park…I am nervous about finding on-plan meals in the park…I am nervous because its going to be so flipping hot and I do NOT do hot. I just really want to stay on-plan this week. It feels better to be on plan that off plan.

Tonight I was treated to a beautiful sunset. I love this time of day…it signals the end of the first act and the beginning of the second act. I think Kenny Chesney said it best, “Everything get hotter when the sun goes down!” Nothing too hot happened around here tonight but it was a beautiful way to begin the evening none the less. Enjoy!


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