Day 36: Holy Jicama!

Today I discovered Jicama. Hells bells…that stuff is GOOD. I picked up a 30/10 recipe when I first started for Cinnamon Jicama that I have been wanting to try. It super easy…take some store bought sliced Jicama and throw it in a bowl,melt some coconut oil and pour that over the Jicama slices. Then sprinkle on some cinnamon, Truvia, and salt. Bake at 350 for about 25 minutes turning the slices once. The whole house smelled like cookies as they were baking! I could not believe how good they were hot from the oven. They were a sweat and salty treat…just … Continue reading Day 36: Holy Jicama!

Day 35: Why Can’t I be Happy With a Loss?

It is really quite infuriating. You come up with a plan…spend countless days arranging everything so your road blocks are minimal…you rally your support network, hire the professionals to help guide you, you set your realistic and timely goal…you do everything that you are supposed to do. You work your ASS off every moment of every day, you make sacrifices and your struggle and you claw your way to that goal. And then you REACH it…you have MET your goal. But instead of a rush of adrenaline and happy thoughts you reach Mount Anticlimactic. Continue reading Day 35: Why Can’t I be Happy With a Loss?

Day 34: Mixed Results

It is hard to hear that this was the best week with such a small loss. I feel very conditioned to only think and concern myself with my weight number. Even though 30/10 really only focuses on your visceral fat loss and your total body fat composition, the weight number is the easiest to understand. I cant see my actual fat but I can see what I look like. The less I weight the better I will look…right? Continue reading Day 34: Mixed Results

Day 32: Restless

I still do not know how I will maintain my future weight and that is making me nervous and anxious. I am also not a wheel-spinner and I feel a bit like I am spinning my wheels. I know there are some BIG changes coming in my personal life but these changes are still on the horizon. I just want the weight to be gone so I can get on with things. My therapist would-I am sure- suggest that this is tactic that my addiction is using to try to get me off program or off plan. I will see him Thursday and see if I am correct in my assumption. Regardless…that is how I am feeling today. That is what I am thinking at this very moment. Who would have thunk that there was so much involved with being fat/overweight/obese! Continue reading Day 32: Restless