Days 60, 61: Hungry in Hoonah

There will be no more big time distractions over the next few days. We will be 100% on board and mom has planned our meals to be on plan. We are having lunch out I think tomorrow but that will be the last of it until Sitka. I have not been as good with my water recently and I will get back on track with that tomorrow too. Just time to get back on track with everything and make the indulgences few and far between. Continue reading Days 60, 61: Hungry in Hoonah

Day 59: Back to the Future!

Being off of your routine makes it difficult to stay on plan. When I was in Silverwood we stayed to a routine…we have a little guy with us and we were more regular. Being in and out of port your routine gets thrown off a bit when new adventures pop up without warning. Do you adventure and throw off your hunger or stick to a stick to an eating schedule? It seems like on this vacation you take the adventure and I would not have it any other way. Continue reading Day 59: Back to the Future!

Days 56, 57: Alaska Bound and Found!

So tomorrow I will “Weight In” and see where I am at and go from there. I just need to really focus on the goal…to not lose fight of what I am doing. It seems easy to forget the plan here and I don’t know if it is because my choices and habits are changing or if it because I am on “vacation mode”. I am hoping it is the first and not the later 🙂 Continue reading Days 56, 57: Alaska Bound and Found!


My sisters asked me if I was excited about hitting my goal and my answer is mixed. The first thought is of joy and happiness. But then I start thinking that I should have set my goal higher…that I should have lost more weight by now…that I have just been getting by with the bare minimum of the plan and not trying my hardest. I NOW recognize this thinking as apart of my addiction. Is there NO END to the depths that this addiction runs? Continue reading Day 55: GOOOOOAAAALLLLL!

Day 54: The 7th Day Before

My very first thought was that is was my old ways…my old habits…my nothing thinking leaving my body…Not all of it…but a big enough piece to make some space. I then had a moment of fear-what was going to fill this space now? Something bad…something not healthy…something I don’t want? Holy shit…that space BETTER get filled with something good. Continue reading Day 54: The 7th Day Before

Thoughts on Finding “Full”

“Instead of seeing hunger as a negative thing, see it as a positive thing, Instead of dwelling on hunger, contemplate its opposite: fullness. Purna, or purnata, he explained, is both fullness in eating, and also the idea of perfection, wholeness, the entire universe complete unto itself, you wholly and fully yourself.” Continue reading Thoughts on Finding “Full”

Day 49-53: Hungry Again…

How fortunate that we live in a place where we can do that…seek simplicity and find joy in music…friends…and some beer. It was another great moment of normalcy for me. That felt like my old life but it was not my old life. My old life would have been a not so healthy meal and way more drinks than 4. I would have still noticed the trees and the setting sun but those things we a bit sweeter because I was appreciating everything as a big package. I was full…I was satisfied. There was nothing in that moment of time that I wanted and food was nowhere in my brains orbit of thought. What a cool feeling. I would like to feel that way often if not all the time. Continue reading Day 49-53: Hungry Again…