ME and my BLOG!

Hello! Welcome to this digital place where I am attempting to understand my crappy ass relationship with food. I am assuming you are here because you see some similarity or connection between my experience and yours. I am so glad you are here because that means we are both normal. This blog is about a couple of things…

  1. 30/10 Weight Loss for Life- the program I was participating in to release my weight. It was and is an awesome program. I lost 66 pounds. I found some of those pounds again and I am not pleased with myself.
  2. Bariatric surgery- sleeve gastrectomy to be precise. I will be having this procedure this summer (2019) and will be documenting my process because it helps to read the experiences of others. Perhaps this is in your future too?
  3. The journey of self discovery- why do I have a not-so-good relationship with food and discovering why I am holding on to this weight?
  4. To keep myself accountable to the person I want to become…a person who lives life at a healthy weight.
  5. To make my journey public. If something is not public it is hidden and keeping some things hidden is just not a good idea. So by making them public I can start to get healthy and understand why I do the things that I do.
  6. To hopefully help others who are thinking what I am thinking and feeling like I am feeling. Finding good quality info on 30/10 is a challenge and I think the more informed you are about something the better a decision you can make! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!
  7. Build a support community for myself and ANYONE else struggling. This is a safe place to learn and share and grow even though I don’t “know” you. But I do know you…we re struggling with the same thing and life is just a big struggle.

So enjoy! GO HAWKS!


4 thoughts on “ME and my BLOG!

  1. Thank you for blogging so helpful. I went in today for a consultation. I was so skeptical and hesitant to give up so much money for a program that I was unsure of. Then I Google 30/10 and stumbled across your blog. It was a blessing to read and have all my questions answered. Thank you for your diligent work it was so encouraging to me to read your writing. I cried tears of joy cause what tour going through I thought I was alone. Your blog was definitely an answered prayer. Blessings of you



    1. Thank you Hana for your kind words! Keep us all up to date on your decision and progress! You are not alone 🙂


  2. Thank you for you blog and all of the info, April! I’m so happy I stumbled across you through Google. I just made an appointment for a consult tomorrow, using your name as the referral. I hope they give you a prize or something 🙂


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