Anything but FOOD!

Want to do something fun socially that does not involve FOOD? Or something that involves food in a way that is safe for you or someone you care about? Want to spend some time doing something awesome with someone who you love but is struggling with FOOD? Want to send me ONE MILLION dollars? No? OH NO on the money but YES on the ideas? Ok well…check out these ideas…maybe one will be the ticket to social NIRVANA! Send me your good ideas too and I will add them to this list 🙂 

  • Scope out the local art museums…guaranteed you will find something interesting or hilarious…or both.
  • If you or your friend has children- go visit the local children’s museum! Now THAT is a good time…
  • Take a painting class! Sometimes they also come with WINE!
  • Make a picnic date to the beach or park and only bring foods that are on that persons’ “plan”!
  • Enroll in a community college class together! Learn to take awesome selfies or dramatic landscape scenes with your smartphone.
  • Find a park with a chess/checker board and go pretend that you are the worlds’ best chess/checker players in an epic fight-to-the-death match. See how many times you can say “CHECK MATE” in one game.
  • Go to a Casino with $10.00 in DIMES and then find a good looking slot machine, plop your but and your dines down and just start FREAKING OUT when anything happens…just wait until you see the people circle like sharks. Then get up and move to another machine and just WATCH what happens. Thank you Snowqualmie Casino…
  • Volunteer you time serving others! Food banks, homeless shelters, political organizations, SCHOOLS are ALWAYS looking for your physical labor and witty sense of humor.
  • Join a walking or running club. I hear that is a GREAT way to meet people…and burn some calories.
  • Take a technology class! If you have an Apple device they offer group classes for FREE every day in their Apple stores! Bet you REALLY don’t know how iPhoto works…or how to REALLY organize your iTunes library. Check out their offerings at
  • Take a yoga class! Trust me…you ARE flexible enough right now.
  • Go see a movie and pack your own snacks.
  • Host a game night for your family and friends! Make it a food free event or only prepare and serve food that is “on-plan”!
  • Make a date to brainstorm and meal plan with your “on-plan” person! Dive into those cookbooks! Make your OWN cookbook and publish it online for other people to enjoy! Make a shopping list and have them go with your for support. I hear doughnuts can smell fear…
  • Start your OWN blog about your weight releasing journey or a current struggle. Enlist friends to be guest bloggers…you will be AMAZED at how much more you have in common that what you thought.
  • Check out a home and garden show! Spring and summer are the best months for dedicated flower shows where the focus on on the buds and NOT the buns…
  • Go to a SEAHAWKS game! Trust me…the food will break the bank but the game will lift your spirits!
  • If you are a member of a gym that offers classes- sign you and your friend up for something that you never thought you would…Zumba…yoga…spin…pole dancing…

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