Day 28: Results!

Well…last week was not the disappointing eek apparently. I was down 4.7 pounds this morning! That was a SUPRISE considering how hard the week was and my delicious and disgusting Blizzard Sunday. That puts my total weight loss at 24.3 pounds in 4 weeks. My goal is to lose 5 pounds by June 25th. I am .7 pounds away from achieving that goal. That feels pretty good. It does NOT however make the pst week any more bearable. It does in a small way…but like I told my mom this morning…I would rather lose less weight each week and have my mental state be more positive. Sure I lost 4.7 pounds this week but it was monumental struggle. I was thinking about food all the time and all the things I can not have at the moment. I was battling booze and bacon and ribs and cake- which I don’t even like-and chips and popsicles and STRAWBERREIS and CHERRIES! OH how I miss my fruit. I would binge on a whole pineapple pineapple pineapple pineapple pineapple.


So next week I am going to focus on my mental state. I am going to take time for myself and just decompress from the school year. I am going to take in some sun and swimming! I am also going to track everything which is something I flat out did not do last week. I am going to write every day here which helps in so many ways. I am going to set a new short term weight release goal. And of course I am going to stay on plan. I am also going to meal plan and find fun new ways to prep my food. I might have some Strawberries Sunday…I NEED some fruit.



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