DAY TWO- Resistance IS possible!

Today I had to resist fresh guacamole, Johnsonville Brauts, gummy bears, drinky-poos… FML! But dad gave me something to say in my head every time my hunger level spike or my mouth started watering looking at all this delicious food…”Hey HUNGER, eat my fat!” There is plenty of that to go around for my hunger to be satisfied!


I am still hungry all day long but the pains are NOTHING like they were yesterday. On a scale of 1-10, I would say my hunger goes between a 2 and 5 all day. Water does not make the hunger decrease and that is kind of a bummer. Everyone tells me to just drink more water. All that does is make me have to pee every 30 minutes…it does not touch my hunger.

I am NOT craving anything specific…I just want to eat more food. My mouth is dry and I feel the constant urge to chew some gum. When I think about what sounds good my mouth instantly waters in anticipation of the pineapple or the watermelon that I would want to eat. I am taking comfort in realizing that I don’t think I am addicted to any certain foods…but that I was just simply trying to satisfy my hunger constantly with food. Even though most of the food I was eating was healthy and nutritious…I was simply consuming too much of it and too often.

I am also not spending much time in the kitchen. Even though the house is one giant open space that houses the kitchen, dinning area and living room I am avoiding that part of the house like the plague. I am not even looking that way. I did notice that if I was sitting and chatting with someone in the kitchen I did NOT look at those food items. I made a conscious choice not to look at them and that seemed to help. I was able to focus better on the conversation and less on the food. Its still in my peripheral vision but I am not staring at it and that seems to help a bit.

We stayed busy all day long entertaining…fishing…boating. That was a great way to keep my mind off the fact that I am hungry and wishing I was eating something. And I was just not as hungry as I was the day before…yeah body for starting to figure this out!

Daily Menu:

Breakfast: Cereal, egg whites

Snack: Chocolate Smoothie

Lunch: Cream of Broccoli soup, yellow peppers with ranch dip

Snack: Cran-Razz SLURPEE! (Fruit drink blended with ice)

Dinner: Broiled halibut, grilled asparagus, green salad with tomatoes, peppers, and sprouts.


3 thoughts on “DAY TWO- Resistance IS possible!

  1. Love if you drink lots of water you’ll have to pee every 30 mintes…….welcome to 35 years from now…….peeing every 30 minutes is totally normal……there isn’t a store within 25 miles that I don’t know where the bathroom is! Keep up the good work! You got this!


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