Day 186: Well…down is down

I was not down 3 pounds today. I was down 0.3 pounds today. I lost almost a pound of fat so that is good news! My muscle was down a bit and so was my water…the numbers dont really total up to that but down is down. My coach said it’s just going to take some time to get my body into fat burning mode again and that I do believe. I organized my 30/10 binder again…got my new weekly food logs ready to go and stocked up with on-plan things at Costco. I think I need to think of this week as Week 1…not Week 30.


Yoga was great…the class was small and I always feel like I do better in a small class. I can focus on just me! Too many people and my mind wanders. My friend joined me tonight and two of her friends were also there! It was FRIENDTASTIC! After our sweat session we all gathered in the foyer to cool down and recover. We started talking about getting in shape and how we are all excited to be buying and wearing new cute yoga clothes soon. The conversation moved to how we are all struggling to look and feel and be a certain way. These women have been through some major hardships- losing parents and single parenting and juggling jobs. When I hear these stories I feel like a lame ass…I am no kids two incomes…I dont have much to be stressed about! But regardless of our situation we all share the common bond of struggle. But we also share the common bond of attempting to understanding that struggle and getting to the bottom of it…of turning the struggle into triumph that will last a lifetime. I was able to share my experience with 30/10 and talk about all the wonderful things I LOVE about it. I was also able to share the things that are difficult/hard/almost impossible about it. I feel like I have come full circle with 30/10. I have done it all…made the scary decision to do it, fought off the demons and hunger pains of the beginning, admitted that I use food to get through life, found a counselor who could help me through the addiction side of my food issues, experienced the highs of releasing weight, gotten pissed and “paused”, but the most important part- maintain my new lower weight. That is how I KNOW this was the program for me…I have maintained. I will never go back. I know TOO MUCH now about myself and my addiction to let it control my life again. It is powerful talking about this cycle. It gives others hope that they can do it and it gives me hope that I can continue to do it!


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