Day 123: Thursday needs to GET HERE.

Why can’t today be Thursday? I am ready for it to be Thursday and to see if this week has been a success. I sat on my ass all day and worked…my anxiety level is though the roof with this kitchen nightmare and my yoga game was totally off tonight because all my brain would think of was the kitchen and the shitty ass things happening at work! AH! When will it end! I was going to double up yoga classes tonight but threw in the towel and made the phone call to the insurance company to get the ball rolling on the kitchen. And before I left for yoga I put on a workout jacket that I have not worn in a long time and I didn’t feel any different!!! Are you KIDDING ME? Thursday cannot come quick enough. I was 100% on plan today. Big freaking deal. At least the struggle took a back seat to the rest of the shitshow that is my life right now. I am going to make myself some tea and put my ass in  bed with a new book that came highly recommended. If that books sucks from the beginning I don’t know what I am going to do. It will not end well for the book. Peace OUT Tuesday! Hello bed….



4 thoughts on “Day 123: Thursday needs to GET HERE.

  1. Girl… I absolutely enjoy catching up with your blog. I binge read every few weeks and this morning I am 100% late for work, because I just needed to keep reading. I am so impressed that you crushed those first 15 weeks AND have committed to another 15. Truly incredible to see/read about your progress, physically yes that’s exciting, but I’m in awe of the time you are taking to get your ass kicked by attempting to navigate the mental/addiction side of this journey. Kudos lady. Let’s get together and do some freezer meal prep – it’s my favorite! Hugs!

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  2. You hang in there kido your amazing and we are so proud of you taking controll of you! The other stuff is just stuff and a year from now you’ll remember none of the background noise and bask in the new healthy you. You Rock!!!

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    1. I am SICK of hangin!!! You know how I get when things dont go as I planned! Yeah yeah…I guess I will be a kitchen expert when all of this is done! I will be basking on some new tile floor! 🙂


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