Day 73: BORED!

Been back two full days from vacation and I am officially bored. I have deep cleaned the kitchen and flower baskets…completed all the laundry…put away all my clothes…spent some quality time on the dock today…but MAN I am BORED. It’s hard to go from adventuring around Alaska to sitting on you ass in the sun. <Insert 1st World Problem here> Just does not equate. I don’t know my classes for next year yet so I can’t even dive into those and start getting them ready for the school year. There are only 30 precious days of summer before the first day of school. 30! Holy shit where did the summer go? A person can only open Facebook and Instagram so many times a day…I have a couple days of training towards the end of August and the beginning of September but these summer days are quickly disappearing into the recesses of back to school fear and loathing. I want to use every day doing nothing but relaxing but I can’t seem to find the willpower to just sit and do that! I am reading a great book but it is just not holding my attention. I am not hungry but am feeling the urge to eat often. I have refrained from that today thank GOD. Today Obi Wan is with me and I am resisting the Dark Side.  Every time I get close to opening the fridge I take myself outside to do something other than stand at the open refrigerator. My fears about being back to zero with 30/10 and everything else are gone. I think some of the changes are long lasting…I am just not the same person as I was before and that does feel really really awesome. I am the same person…but with different food goals!  Its a struggle but minor today…hopefully this trend will continue like the sunny weather forecast! It really is all about your mindset…even when things are looking bleak you have to focus on the distance you have already traveled and be thankful that you are still on your wagon in some respects. You might have dropped a shoe or shawl along the way but you ass is still in that wagon rolling down the trail!

I have a few tasks tomorrow to check of my list but really that is it…nothing but nothing. I will practice my yoga tomorrow…wind depending maybe take a nice long kayak too. Its hot now but not sweltering…the low to mid 80’s with a nice breeze blowing down the lake. How I will BEG for these days in in October or March. It is time to relish them and find that energy to just sit and be thankful for these lazy days!



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