Days 105-110: Car Shows and Boat Tours

It has been 6 days since my last post…I think that is a record! I have a good reason for not writing; Life. Friday we celebrated my mother-in-laws birthday, Saturday we joined them and my little nephew in Westport for a Corvette rally, Sunday Grady and Dad fished while mom and I lounged around, and Monday was lake tours and coffee on the dock! It was a busy few days with lots of celebrating…lots of traveling…lots of relaxing…and LOTS of food. The food part of it was ok- we ate out 3 times this weekend and all 3 times I did not make the best choice. Breakfast out Saturday was the best out of all of them…Dungeness Crab Omelet with Hash browns…THAT meal was totally worth it. It is SO hard to say no when eating out. Who wants to order a salad that I could make a home? And when all those smells are swirling around the menu and you see everyone else’s food being delivered it is hard to go with the healthy option. In moderation this is not a big deal…but when you have 3 meals out in a ROW it becomes an issue. 

Now that I am back home in FedWay I am really noticing how much FOOD is all around. It is at every corner…every stop light…every store…and on every advertisement. Food is everywhere and it makes it hard to fight the good fight because you are battling temptations everywhere. They have always been there and I never seemed to be too tempted before. The only difference is that I am choosing to not eat those foods right now. But my brain convinces me that the end of days is coming and when I am walking through the deserted streets Walking Dead style I am really going to regret not having that last ______. It’s stupid…its silly…it makes no logical sense. But this is what happens in my head and urban areas seem to make the thoughts in my head even crazier. This is not my city but its pretty dang close…so sad.


Being back on a schedule is nice. Today my morning started around 8:30…worked for 4 solid hours before I broke for breakfast and continued working until 4pm. I drank a shake and headed out the door for yoga at 5:15. I ran a quick errand before getting home around 8:00. I made a salad for dinner and now am ready to hit the hay for a nice, long slumber I hope . I did not each much today but I was hungry throughout. I let myself get too hungry again and that is another pit fall for me. I need to really take time to eat and eat on schedule. I am signing up for another 15 weeks with 30/10 Thursday and I need to make these next 15 weeks COUNT. My goal is to be down 40 pounds TOTAL by Christmas. That will be the end of my next 15 weeks. There is NO good time for this work. There are always things that can be used as excuses to not do something. My mom was asking me what I was going to do around the holidays- would I still make my sugar cookies…my fudge? The answer is YES. When I make cookies I eat 1…maybe 2 of them out of the 100 that I make and the same with fudge. I enjoy a piece or two but thats it. What I will need to do is really prioritize what I do choose to indulge in. I think I am going to have to pick one thing each week and enjoy that and nothing more. Wouldn’t that be awesome…one a week. If I can stick with that it will be a true victory.


I am going to weight myself tomorrow to see where I am at for this week. My goal is to release 2 pounds Thursday. That will put my total weight release at 40 pounds in 15 weeks. I am also curious to see what impact yoga is having on my weekly results. Last week I was down 5.5 pounds of fat and up muscle after only 3 days of yoga. This week I will have 4 days of practice in before stepping back on the scale. Even if I am the same of UP, if my FAT is DOWN that counts as a victory. it is not about my weight as long as my fat is coming down. The weight will release as the muscle increases and stabilizes…or at least this is my working theory 🙂 It is NOT about my weight…it is about the fat and how much or how little I have in my body. The lower that is the healthier I will be. David and I also started diving into the WHYS of my addiction. What triggered my addiction to eating? If I can get to that answer I believe I will truly make some lifelong progress towards this struggle. So as you can see…it has been a busy week!

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