Day 200: Down!

To my shock I was down this morning…1.5 pounds down! Was not expecting that. I kinda miss the days of losing 3-4 pounds a week. I will take my 1.5 this week and shoot for 3 next week!

This is the first week I have not seen David on Thursday. I am to the point where he has helped with me with just as much as he can. He has filled my toolbox with ways to manage and cope and deal with food addiction. We are almost out of things to talk about in session. He asked me “Well, what do you want to do now?” last session and I have no remaining questions or concerns and I really haven’t had any come up this week. I will see him next week and I am sure something will be there. I am not going to stop seeing him anytime in the near future and I don’t want to lose my spot incase I lose my mind and need some support 🙂

I finished my 1st week of Couch to 5K training plan and every day it really did get easier. Now this week I have to jog 1 1/2 minutes then walk 2 and repeat that cycle for 26 minutes. I peaked ahead some weeks and that program thinks I am going to be jogging like 8 minutes in a row without stopping. This program is nuts. I don’t think I could run for 8 minutes if I was chasing a Cadbury Egg truck that also served shave ice out of the back. People SWEAR by C5K. I have known a few people who have followed the program and completed a 5K so I know it’s proven. They were also not fat like me. I wonder if they have a I’m Fat But I Want to do a 5K program…F5K is what I need.

Tonight we are going to my parents house for CRAB (totally on plan…the butter not so much) then Saturday to my grandparents to celebrate my grandpas birthday then SuperBowl Sunday. I MUST be 100% on plan for all the other meals this week. I am going to make that my goal this week…3 meals off plan and the rest on plan. I was sharing with my coach today that I have not been able to get in my salad or veggies at every meal. They just taste gross and slimey…totally unappealing at the moment. She suggested I shake things up and I will take her advice. I also have not been super hungry. Well…I am super hungry before a meal but then find that I can’t eat it all. Sometimes the thought of having one more bite of something is too much even though I am still a bit hungry. I don’t remember this from when I first started but I will need to go back and consult my own posts!

So yeah…nothing GROUNDBREAKING or MONUMENTAL today. It feels kinda normal, which is not normal for me. It is almost uncomfortable…and I have to start getting good with feeling uncomfortable.



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