30/10 Facebook Support Group

Hello all! A fellow 30/10er and I have started a CLOSED Facebook support group! This group is for people who are active with 30/10 or have done the program and are looking for additional support. This group’s’ purpose is to provide a safe place to ask questions, vent, get support, receive empathy, feel some love, gather recipe ideas, and share our common struggle and success! Please click the link below to join the group!

Group Name: Thee Struggle is REAL 30/10 Support Group

This group is CLOSED but searchable on Facebook



17 thoughts on “30/10 Facebook Support Group

  1. I joined 30/10 two weeks ago and would love to be apart of your group on FaceBook. Support is so helpful. I’m down 6 pounds and would love to know how others deal with tiredness in the afternoon.

    Pat Jablonski


    1. Hi Pat! I have added you! And tiredness in your first few weeks is totally normal! Deal with it by taking a nap! 🙂


  2. awesomeapril, I am on 30 10 now and have lost 10 pounds in 4 weeks. I would really like to be a part of the facebook page. what info do you need to add me? Still struggle with the program but knowing others are also helps.


    1. There is a link now on the blog homepage! Click it and it will take you right to the group- you will need to request membership and one of us will approve you!


  3. Hi April, just sent a request to be added to the FB group. I’m currently on 30/10. Completed 14 weeks and just signed on for another 4 weeks. Have lost 25# and have more to go. Love your blog and the chance to chat with other 30/10 ers.


    1. We will get you added! That’s NORMAL! On plan you are getting all the nutrition that you need! Your hunger is REAL but based in your emotions


  4. Hey! Stumbled onto your blog when searching about 30/10.
    I’m a busy medical professional, working 12 hour shifts, 1/2 of which are nights. Am in the middle of a slew of nights right now. Lots of stress with work politics, life, etc. All to say, I don’t find myself investing in me all that much, and am not as motivated as I historically have been in the past, because energy is low, and I don’t bounce back from work night calls as well. Worked with a Dietician at my Physical Therapist’s office, but I fell through the cracks in their office, and I was worried about re-injury and function. That led to less physical activity, and without the check ins with my Dietician (last saw her in early July; had 3 visits total over 2.5 mos), my health just began to take a back seat. Add the age, now into the early 40s, not exercising as intensely as I have done in the past, travel, and stress eating, and I’m not liking how I feel or look in my clothes and in self-esteem. I think I need to lose 25# and certainly get the body fat % down. I also want to become more FIT physically as well, but to just use exercise alone and diet as a side, and not consistently, may not be the way to go… I want to be healthy long-term, but need accountability and motivation. Love cooking when I have the time, so I’d ideally like to do that and not just rely on packets. This is humbling to search things out like this, because I’m used to caring for patients and making recommendations… but something’s gotta give for me too.

    Does 30/10 allow to cook for yourself in a long term, sustainable way? Do the packets have a lot of additives ?
    What are the costs to participate in the Maintenance phase?
    Other thoughts?
    And-anyone have info about Ideal Protein program and how it compares to 30/10?
    Thank you to anyone for reading and chiming in.


    1. YES you cook for yourself on plan and then 100% when you are off plan! Packets do have additIves but you only eat the packets as long as you are on plan. I don’t know what Ideal Protein is but 30/10 is a very high protein low carb plan! The program is hard but you DROP the weight fast! Great support from coaches too.


  5. I joined on January 4th 2017 and would love to join your Facebook group. I just sent a request. I hope to be added.
    I’m down seven pounds since starting but struggling with the food!!!! Hope to hear from people on FB about different food ideas.


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