DAY 13: The Day Before ROUND 3!

Today was a long LoNg LONG day. I was up a 6am…on the road by 7…at work by 8:15…finished with meetings by 12pm…to the docs by 12:30 then got my nails did from 2:00-4:00…had my first on-plan trip to Starbucks and was back at work by 4:30! Wrapped up that meeting by 7:30pm and made a KILLER salad for dinner…did the dishes and am getting packed up to head back down to the lake Friday. Holy shit it was a busy day…and Iced Coffee- not so good. I stayed on plan the whole day and that was REALLY hard. As I was driving back into FedWay I began feeling really nauseous in the car. I took my vitamins as I usually do in the morning but my timing was off from regular days. Then again at the doctors I became woosy, hot, and nauseous AGAIN! I think when I start my days so early the food is spaced out too far between meals and snacks and my body is just not ready yet to go that long without food. I was hungry throughout the day but not starving so that is a good sign. I am still REALLY nervous about tomorrow…but I just have to stop thinking so much about it and focus on the Week 3 that will be starting tomorrow.


Today a friend shared a 30/10 success story with me. Her brother reached his goal weight today and lost a total of 72 pounds in 20 weeks. She shared his before and after photos with me and he really does look like a totally different man. It amazes me how much weight many people are carrying without really recognizing just how much it is. From his before pictures I would have never guessed he had 72 pounds to lose. I just could not see it. Then you check out the after pics and you can see where he released it. Weight is such a tricky thing…it is deceiving in so many ways…not only does it deceive us but we deceive it. It reminds me of the Dove ads…its a bunch of women wearing the same clothing but they all weight the same weight. We think that everyone of a certain height and shape weight the same…that is just not the case. Going through this process has really made me think about just how much we/us/society places on womens’s shape and size. It really is a limiting factor in so many ways. And for what reason? Why is it limiting? In some cases…the larger and heavier a man is the more attractive or desirable he is. Not the case for most women. It just seems like in every aspect of a woman’s life there is someone or some idea there to hold her down…keep her down…make her feel like she is not enough. Why is quality such an impossible achievement? It sure does not seem to be present in the genders…but I don’t know where quality exists at al in the natural world. There always seems to be a dominance over someone…something…everything. It just gets old feeling like you always have to prove your worth to someone else…even though I/we know we don’t have to.

Enough rambling thoughts for tonight. Time for bed and check in tomorrow morning! Preach on Skelator…preach ON!


BOMB ASS Chicken Salad

7 oz grilled chicken breast strips- warm

2 oz feta cheese crumbles

2 hard boiled eggs

3/4 cup grape tomatos, sliced

4 green onions, rough chopped

1 big handful or spinach

1 big handful of Spring Mix greens

1 small pour of Walden Farms Blue Cheese Dressing


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