Days 60, 61: Hungry in Hoonah

I am HUNGRY today. We left Skagway at 6am this morning from Hoonah…a 10 hour cruise back south and west. We saw Orca whales and humpback whales today on our cruise! One orca had a HUGE fluke fin and was accompanied by what looked like a baby. It was a beautiful sight to see!

DSC_0794 DSC_0831

Tomorrow we will enter Glacier Bay National Park and will remain in the park for 3 days. Grady and I have been there before…he proposed in Bartlett Cove 5 years ago almost around this same time. It will be the first trip for my sister and her man friend and I am SO excited for them to see it! The glaciers and the wild life are unreal….especially the glaciers. I am assuming because of the heat and the melt we will see a lot of calving which would be awesome. The sound that the glacier makes right before it calves then the sounds it makes as it crashes into the water is a sound that you only here here. Sometimes it creates these mini tidal waves and can send you and your boat rocking for minutes! The weather report is not all the great…cool, WET, and windy…not the best conditions for boating and glacier watching. But its all we got so we will make the best of it!

Today I was SUPER hungry. I ate 100% on plan today and it sucked. I was craving things and I felt constantly hungry. Its not week 1 or 2 feelings but its close. Everything just sounds awesome and none of it is on plan. I also got TOO hungry today. Being up at 6am it throws off your normal schedule. I ate my cereal around 7am then took a nice long nap and didn’t wake up until 11ish. We didn’t eat lunch until 12ish and by that time I was starving…the hunger was rumbling in my throat. But then I ate TOO much and that is NEVER a good feeling. We picked up some provisions at the local-and only- grocery store here in Hoorah and Grady had to lead me away from the candy section. Everything in that store looked delicious…stupid things that I would NEVER eat or buy at home. I have 30/10 treats on board that will satisfy these cravings but man it sucks that they are back again. I guess they were always there…checking out at the grocery store at home you see those delicious bags of cherries…the candy bars…the chips…whatever. You have to say NO there and you have the battles in your head. So maybe the struggles are the same.

There will be no more big time distractions over the next few days. We will be 100% on board and mom has planned our meals to be on plan. We are having lunch out I think tomorrow but that will be the last of it until Sitka. I have not been as good with my water recently and I will get back on track with that tomorrow too. Just time to get back on track with everything and make the indulgences few and far between.


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