Day 31: Going With the Flow

Today was another good day! I did NOT sleep well last night and was up by 7am to see the sun come over the hillside at the Canal. I NEVER see 7am…I am NOT a morning person! But it allowed me to get a very early start to my day and get a TON done before 12pm! After packing up and shutting up the Canal I headed to Gig Harbor to check on mom and dads house then made it back to the Lake by 11:30am! I had the groceries put away and the car empty by 1pm, got in an hour and half of work and was down on the dock reading by 2:30! I recently purchased Rosamunde Pilcher’s The Shell Seekers and am thoroughly enjoying it! Her literary style and plot organization is fascinating! She does an unbelievable job of telling a characters individual story while growing the overall plot and storyline. I am only on page 75 but can tell that I am really going to enjoy this one.

Today did feel a bit odd…even though it was the first day of summer school there was not a whole lot to actually do. I got all the kids into class and graded every assignment that came in right away. I had this constant feeling that I was forgetting something…that I had missed something or that I was missing an appointment. I really have not had any time recently to just do nothing. It’s going to take some time to get used to I think. I am always running and moving during the school year. But there is nothing to do…no where to be running to…no meetings to have or emails to send. It’s just really hard to relax when you are so geared for work. But I am hoping the further into summer we get the more relaxed I will become. And this is really a big goal for me next year. I want to slow down. I really want to just focus on teaching next year. I will still be leading the ProTeach cohort for my school district but I have that figured out and we are bring someone else on to assist with it all next year. I will not be mentoring teachers in district next year and I am really thinking of stepping away from my consulting work. Maybe not entirely but in a large capacity. It was just TOO much this year. I felt like I was always running and nothing was ever done to my standard. I felt like I was half-assing everything and that is NOT how I roll. If it has my name on it is WILL BE quality work. So it is time to re-focus on what really matters-teaching- and myself. I miss yoga…I miss reading for pleasure…I miss just watching the Hawks on Sunday and NOT having to work as soon as the game is over. It is time for me to slow down and focus on my health. To better understand how I work and start doing more things that bring me joy in my personal life. This is my big goal for next “year” and by year I mean school year. You know…us teachers…the year begins and ends every September!


I have been hungry today…but again my day started much earlier than normal and I packed in a lot in a short amount of time. I have been having a hard time getting in the protein shakes…they have been hard drink lately but know that they do help keep me feeling fullish. I think tomorrow I will drink my shake in the morning and have my cereal for my “snack” later on. I am also feeling the need for breakfast for dinner soon so maybe I will put that on the menu this wee sometime! I am also not getting in enough water. So tomorrow a change up of the meals and more water!

I am again feeling nervous for Thursday. The Rice Cream Pie is weighing on my conscious. I had 3 strawberries too on Fathers day and those are also on the forbidden foods list. My goal is to have lost 25 pounds by this Thursday and I am only .7 pound away from that goal. I am a bit scared to do some major walking…I don’t want to add any muscle this week…I need a PURE fat loss! I saw this quote and it helped me just reflect on the process of this whole thing. It WORKS if you just let it work. Don’t OVER-DINK (Dad) with it and just let it do its thing…just go with the flow! So these next couple of days I will go with the flow. I will follow the program to the letter and just let it do its thing. Hopefully it WILL do its thing and I will be down 0.7 pounds Thursday!



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