Day 111: The 15th Day Before

I can’t believe I have been doing this- 30/10– for 15 weeks. When I signed up it felt like it was going to be an eternity but it has gone by SO fast. I have done so much in these 15 weeks…vacations, friends, family, boat rides, hiking, kayaking, reading, working…a whole lot of life happens in 15 weeks.

This morning I stepped on the scale and weighted exactly what I did last week at 30/10. I am going to weigh myself tomorrow morning before leaving the house so I can see how my scale matches with their scale. My thoughts about tomorrow have not changed…I am counting a victory if my fat is down and my weight is whatever it is going to be. I have to only be concerned with the fat and not the scale number. It is hard to do when society is focused on your weight and not really your health. But society be damned…I want to be healthy and fat free and that is all that matters.

Focus-on-Fat-and-Muscle The-scales-are-not-the-only-way-to-measure-fat-loss

Today was a good day. Up early for work, then home to set up my new office space. Yoga at 4:30 with one of my favorite teachers, a quick trip to BestBuy for the last office supplies, and a late dinner then off to bed. Nothing was out of the ordinary today. It was a very regular day and I feel like I have not had one of those in a while. But it feels good to have a regular day. It gives me hope that the next 15 weeks will become more and more routine and regular.I would like each day moving forward to be less of a struggle and more of a dull whine. To not think about food so much and to not be so pulled by temptation will be great. My home is a safe food place and now that I have a dedicated work space I think it will be even more safe. No need to go into work and pass Starbucks and all those other food joints because I have the best office around in my own home! And there is nothing here to tempt me or betray me…besides my addiction. But every day that super highway of temptation and need seem more and more congested and it is just easier to take the back roads home.



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