Days 140-158: Ups and Downs

Were all of those options available every day? Yes. Were they convenient or did they fit with my schedule? No. Could I have been 100% perfect on all of those days? No. And that is the truthful answer. Could I have been on plan most of those days. 100% yes. And thats what hurts. I made the choice to not be on plan and not do what was right. To really make this work I have to make the right decisions every day, every meal time, every snack time… forever. Continue reading Days 140-158: Ups and Downs

Day 132: Relapse

I think what has been the hardest thing this week is once again realizing that I have a serious issue with food. Its not just a little issue…it is a big issue and it does control my life sometimes. I am an addict. I hate saying that or hearing that from David. That is SO hard to admit; that I have no control over this. As David pointed out today, we really do not have control over anything in our lives. We can control our actions and our throughs and we do things in hopes that those actions will have the outcome that we desire but really we control nothing. Continue reading Day 132: Relapse