Days 146, 147: Fat, Happy, and HUNGRY!

Today I fell asleep on the couch during football for a solid 3 hours. I mean passed out. It felt awesome. I think it was my body telling me that there is nothing more to stress about and that my personal disaster meters was at “low risk” today and that it was OK to sleep. Thanks brain!

Remember a few days ago I talked about disaster after disaster but I could’t tell you why? Well…here is the reason.


Yeah…we bought a truck! 2016 Chevy Colorado. It’s awesome. Fully loaded…all the extras…biggest engine…fits in our GARAGE with my Subaru…it was what we needed in our lives! So here is why this was a disaster. We have been looking for a truck for a few months now. We test drove some and researched them all and made the decision that the Colorado was the right truck for us. The dealer called last Tuesday and told us the good news! The truck we wanted was in Washington…but we HAD to buy it that night if we wanted it now because it was at and owned by another dealer…the only way to secure THAT truck was to make the deal ASAP. Otherwise we would have to order one and wait until June (these are the HOTTEST trucks at the moment…good luck finding the one you want). OK so I drove to Oly that night, we traded in Grady’s old Subaru (Black Mamba) and bought the truck. Catch- our truck would not be delivered and ready for pick up until Saturday so Grady would have to drive his Subaru- the one we technically no longer owned because we traded it in- until Saturday. Oh…ok…no big deal right? Wednesday night Grady had to drive from Oly back to Federal Way for a meeting and GUESS what happened? He was run off the road by some butt hole, had to curb it to save the car and blew the sidewall out of one of his tires. Car was fine but tire was toast. Awesome. Subarus are AWESOME cars…I will always have one. The thing that sucks about owning a Subaru is the tire situation…because the car is all wheel drive the tires have to match and the tread of the tires have to be equal or else it will shake the car apart in about 10,000 miles. Dealers and tire people will not just put on another tire if you lose one…you have to buy a WHOLE new set if the treads are off by 1/32 of an inch. So that night Grady is of course devastated and upset and I am vomiting because I am worried they will not take the car now. What do we do? How do you handle this situation? So he calls our Subi dealer and gets an appointment the next day for them to check it all out. As he is driving it down there the AWD light comes on…meaning your AWD system is not functioning. OMFG. The car is seriously broke…something major happened. We cant get the truck. We saved and saved and put down everything that we could WITH the trade in…if they dont take this car we can’t get this truck and we borderline need this truck. (Black Mamba was due for her $10,000 turbo replacement in 2016…that’s a lot of dough for an old car). So we TOWED it down to the Subi dealer and MORE great news…the tires are only a year old so we CAN put 1 tire on and call it good! The AWD light came on because the spare tires was on and the car knows that and turns off the AWD system while in transport! The rim is FINE and the car is FINE! Oh awesome…thanks be to the flying spaghetti monster. But WAIT! There’s MORE! They didn’t have THAT tire in stock nor did any local tire places and no one could not get one tire until NEXT Saturday. Really? What the hell do I do now? Call the Chevy dealer and postpone the pick up and let them in on our disaster? No….FUCK NO. I am DONE with that the Black Subi…done with this stress…DONE with this month. We bought 4 GOD DAM NEW TIRES for a car we would drive one more time as owners. So 4 new tires go on the car, Grady parks it in the garage until Saturday, and we got out to dinner and a movie to decompress. I did NOT sleep Friday because so worried about Saturday and what would happen…I work him up at 4am to ask him if he had replaced the jack and spare tire in the black Subi. There was NO WAY this deal was not happening. He had…ok good…and still no sleep came. SO $600 dollars, 3 heart attacks 2 screaming matches, 1 tow truck ride, 1 counseling session, and 1 date night later…we are the proud new owners of a 2016 Chevy Colorado! Have I said how done I am with 2016?

Last night my parents had a huge party at their house in the Harbor for friends and family to gather and see the Lighted Boat Parade. It was so much fun to show off the new ride to everyone. There is a lot of pride that comes with buying something like that. You work hard researching and test driving and crunching numbers and saving… you don’t want to pick a lemon! You want something that you will be happy with for a long time. It felt good bring all those pieces together and make it happen…FINALLY. I could feel the stress melting away as the night went on. The boats were beautifully decorated and mom’s buffet dinner was mouth watering. I just wanted to celebrate for so many reasons. I ate what ever the hell I wanted to eat and it all tasted delicious. A close friend who lives out of state was there and she and I got to catch up. She asked me about 30/10 and how it was going and filled her in on the “pause” again and how I was feeling about the whole thing. We talked about how food really does sometimes make the holiday or the moment. It’s almost like one of lifes’ greatest indulgences because it is so impactful, so lasting and at the same time so simple. We talked about how things HAD changed for me…that if we had looked a year back into the past I would have had 6 glasses of wine and 2 full helpings of dinner and probably would have sampled all of the desserts. I would have not shared the stress of the last few days with as many people and I would have eaten my way through the week. But at the party last night I enjoyed a regular meal (I did have seconds of the potatoes and jello salad and if you would have tasted them you would know why), I had two glasses of wine, and one small sugar cookie and 3 pieces of chocolate. Pretty normal for any human. While moms food was DELICIOUS, I remember the conversations and playing with the kids and showing off the truck more than the food and THAT is a monumental change that I can be thankful for. My weight might not be releasing at the rate that I want it to and I have to take another pause of my program…but things are different and those differences outweigh any questions that I may have about myself or that others have of me.


So now its Sunday. I am feeling fat from all the delicious food last night and date night, I am happy to see the new truck in the garage and Grady enjoying our purchase, I am even happier that the HAWKS won…and I am HUNGRY because my brain wants more jello salad and See’s Candies. I am going to make some 30/10 hot cocoa and read The Reverent in bed. End the night on an on plan note 🙂


6 thoughts on “Days 146, 147: Fat, Happy, and HUNGRY!

  1. I’m surprised you’re not still sleeping!! Great story about the new truck, so great it had a happy ending.
    Now be okay that you gave yourself the gift of your folk’s party! And enjoyed every bit of it. I hope you are reading your own adventure often to remind yourself of all the wonderful progress you have made. Hugs


    1. Thanks Boots! Yes I do go back and reading them…if helps me remember that it was hard before but I got through it and I can get through it again!


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