DAY 8: Not so much about food!

Today I was so busy I did not do a lot of thinking about food! Ahhhhh….that felt nice! I am still hungry a lot and I still get starvation pains but those only come when I really have not eaten in a long long long time. I continue to try to understand the difference between hunger and appetite. I bought my first pack of gum today and it tasted GLORIOUS and it did seem to help me keep my mind off of my hunger. I can feel some of my energy coming back…I am sleeping a bit better…and tonight I made our first menu that was not something “simple”! That felt really good and it tasted ever better. Sautéed FRESH Hood Canal shrimp with broccoli, snow peas, mushrooms, and asparagus!

I am still missing a some things…like a big glass of cold milk with dinner and something sweet at night. But I am working on telling my self “Not know…maybe later”. The struggle continues…but I was treated to this lovely sunset tonight and that helps 🙂

This weekend I am going to meal plan with my sister and grandma. I am really looking forward to this…they are SO creative in the kitchen and will be able to share and create some fun and tasty meals for us! Last week part of the struggle was the repetition of the meals…salads and veggies every night with no pizzaz. Meal planning is going to be a piece of this puzzle for me and I am happy to have the help and guidance from two of the best!

This is getting easier. It’s still unbelievably hard but is IS getting easier.


2 thoughts on “DAY 8: Not so much about food!

  1. THAT is a glorious looking plate of food. Well done, Missy! Remember the children’s book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar?” He ate through his nice green leaf and turned in to a butterfly! 🙂 I think you’ll soon be shaking out your own new wings!


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