30/10 Info and Tips!

SO…I did my research before signing up for 30/10 but it took a lot of time and effort on my part. Yes their website gives you all the basics but I am not a “basics” person. I needed detailed information about the program specifics and that is hard to come by. I spent a lot of time in their office asking questions and gathering information and seeking out people who had done the program to get their feedback. I DID THE WORK before pulling the trigger! So here are some tidbits from my research and feedback from people who have participated in the program! If you TOO have been through 30/10 and have something to add please share it here so I can add in your wisdom to the collective!

These are things that I have ALREADY experienced. Livin the dream man…livin the dream!


  • They are ALWAYS busy because their clients are coming in daily for their weekly check in. Coaches and staff are busy greeting and filling food orders and answering phones and COACHING…if you stop in without an appointment they might not have time for you and thats kind of a good thing. They invest in the people who have invested in them. Weird…I know. But they are saving their time for ME and maybe YOU one day! Call ahead and schedule a consultation. This will cost you $25 IF you say a friend referred you! I am now your friend…April Williams 🙂 HI…hello…how bout those Mariners? But WHY are you paying THEM to learn about their program? Read on…

It’s going to seem a bit shady at first! But it is LEGIT!

  • The first day I stopped in to begin my fact finding mission they were SWAMPED and down a few people. They were running around taking care of a million fires and I show up with out an appointment wanted the 411. The manager had a cancelation and was able to do my 1st consultation- normally $160 bucks. But all you have to do is say ________ did it and I want to know more. If you live here in Washington just say Shelly Hart sent you or now April Williams and its only $25! YES it seems kinda weird…you are giving THEM money to tell you about their program. But they give you a body composition scan- the exact same scanner they use at Policlinic here in Seattle and many other medical offices globally- and it tells you ALL kinds of wonderful things like how fat you are and how much viceral fat you have and how dense your bones and muscles are. Then they spend the next 30-60 minutes reviewing the scan with you and talking about the program. It’s not a detailed discussion but if I had been armed with questions I would have gotten more out of it. Basically I walked away with more questions than answers, a VERY clear picture of my fat and where is is on my body and a fear that the program would be too restrictive and it was not for me. What was so WEIRD about this meeting was that the woman who did my consultation- Shannon- knew how scared I was about giving up ALL my favorite foods and told me that I was not yet ready for this program. EXCUSE ME? Only I can tell you that I am NOT ready!! But she made it really clear….you have to be REALLY ready to do this because it is challenging and it costs BIG BUCKS and they want to keep their track record and the only way they can do that is to be picky about who they help. They do NOT want you to do the program if you are not 100% on board. It’s why they have such a high success rate…they are selective in who gets to do the program. Backwards…I know. But another reason why this program is different from the rest. You really leave there kinda in a fog…what just happened? Did she really tell me she didn’t want my money? What kind of sham is this?

You can call them ANYTIME and get your questions answered before you commit.

  • You can ask them ANYTHING…if they have done the program themselves…why the high cost…what the food REALLY taste like…how do you travel on the plan…what happens if I eat all my food in one day…I called THREE times and talked to someone for an HOUR each time. I knew they were busy…I could hear all the commotion in the back ground. But they took the time. And they really call you out on your shit. One of my concerns was my upcoming vacation to Alaska. We will be on a private boat for 2 weeks and I didn’t know it I could do it mentally or if the food would travel. The woman I spoke to ask me “Are you going to Alaska to eat? Or are you going to be with your family and see some amazing things?” Uummmmmm….silence on my end. She had to ask if I was still on the line. THAT was when I knew this program was for me. They have two goals: release weight fast and figure out why food is more important than vacation. Reason #2 they are different that other programs.

It’s expensive. But not as expensive as LapBand or Diabetes or a Heart Attack…or your daily Starbucks…BUT YOU ARE WORTH IT.

  • My dad ALWAYS tells my sister and I “I can buy a new car or build a new house…I can’t build another you.” While I am SURE he would love to try…he makes his point. All that really matters in life is your family and if you lost that you would also die with that person. SO…you do what you can and you fork over any amount of money to ensure your family is present and healthy for the long haul. (I also think he thinks I will be taking care of him in his old age…he has some mess up motives.) You can’t replace you…you are PRICELESS and that is WORTH the cost of 30/10. I still SHIT A BRICK when they told me my first 15 weeks would be $3,655. I looked at them with crazy eyes…I think I even took in a breath. All you can think is “I am going to pay 3 GRAND for some so-so food, weekly weigh in’s, and 30-60 minutes with a dedicated coach every week? Do I LOOK like a sucker? Oh SMT is included? What the hell is that?”                                                                   um no
  • But then Shannon really walked me through what I am currently spending on food every month- and by food that is anything you put in your mouth for nourishment. I spend $25 a week for organic produce deliver to our house. I pay $25 a week to Smith Brothers for dairy delivery. I spend another $300 just on groceries. If we entertain that month I spend $100-200 on that and we entertain A LOT.  We eat out once a week maybe and thats $40-60 a pop…I am addicted to Starbucks and sometimes on a really long day I am there twice…so I am averaging $7 a day. I was a WW member…$45 a month. How much are you spending every month on co-pays? (NOT food related but weight related and that was caused by food). Mine are $30 a pop then add in what was NOT covered by insurance and really adds up. How about random gum and crap when you stop for groceries or gas? Or late night DQ runs? Even if it is once a month that all adds up. So after some quick mental math I was already spending something close to that every month…just on FOOD or food related things. OK Shannon…point taken.
  • Some reviews online complained that they were not upfront with their costs. Well they cant be because everyone needs different amounts of food and vitamins. My costs are so high right now because I need more calories to lose weight without crashing….and I have 100 POUNDS TO LOSE! My costs will GO DOWN as I release some weight. I know people who paid half what I did…but they had half of the weight to lose and did it for only 10 weeks total. I need 37 WEEKS to release my weight…the weeks that you do this program vary with your goals and body composition. The program really is tailored to YOU and your needs. I am Celiac and I can participate 100% in this program. If I can do it…you can do it.

Say goodbye to carbs, sugars, fruit, and everything else that makes your mouth water. 

  • Kind of hard to imagine…but it is also hard to imagine yourself dead from a food overdose. You will get to a place where all foods are “on-plan” again. You are talking about going weeks without…not years or your lifetime without. This is not a program where you can never eat certain foods again or count points for the rest of your life. You are choosing to remove these foods from your diet for a SHORT amount of time. You CAN do this…ITS JUST FOOD!  (I have to tell myself this every 30 seconds.) Your coaches and the program will help you through the rough spots and make you think about why you want those foods so bad! Is one mocha going to make you fat? NO! Will be you able to enjoy this same mocha soon? YES! Is it healthy to get a mocha every day? NO…but you still did it…every day and now your pants don’t fit. THATS what 30/10 is really all about. Figuring out why you are making the food choices and helping you rewire those choices to he healthy and sustainable.

The coaches help you find work arounds. 

  • I really lost my shit at the though of giving up my Starbucks…I was honest with my coach about that and he could see the fear in my eyes. He said…”OK! Lets problem solve!” And guess what…we found an alternative…you CAN have coffee on this plan…you can have a little milk and a calorie free chocolate syrup! Mix those all up in your Vitamix with some ice and water and you have yourself an Aprilchinno! See what I did there? It is NOT a Frap from Starbucks but it WILL get me through the tough days and it WILL remind me that I am not depriving myself of anything. CRISIS AVERTED!  189152125_ObamaHellNo_answer_3_xlarge

Because this is a MEDICAL program- a large portion of your costs are TAX DEDUCTIBLE! 

  • For every 15 weeks of the program I complete, I get to deduct $2550 from my taxes. You can deduct the cost minus the food. I am looking at a $8000 WRITE OFF at the end of this adventure. You don’t even get that much for kids or organ donation…THAT helps the hurt of the upfront costs in the long run. Think of it as a REWARD you will are giving yourself come May when your return finally comes! That should cover the cost of your new wardrobe…and that super sweet purse you have been eyeing…and that plane ticket to Hawaii….and FINE that donation to my University…

You don’t have to think a lot about food.

  • You will be eating their breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. Dinner and your fresh veggies and salads are on you. There are some AWESOME condiment options for your dressing and marinades and a TON of meats, fish, and poultry are on the safe list! This is another reason this program is different…as you are releasing your weight you are also learning to cook for yourself in a healthy and sustainable way. You get to problem solve and experiment and bounce ideas off of your coaches and friends. And there is NO WAY you could mess up your day…everything from 30/10 is LABLED and there is a daily flow chart of what you will be eating throughout the day…its really idiot proof. They even have an EMERGENCY kit of chocolate things to save you from that Milky Way! Now that I have said that I am totally going to mess it up! My bad…anywhoos…But again- that is really hard to do if you are thinking and breathing….all you have to do is look a your one page of “Allowed” foods…if it ain’t on the list it ain’t going in your mouth! And its not like you have to eat breakfast at breakfast…you could do breakfast for dinner or soup for breakfast…there are a lot of ways to spice it up and there is a TON of 30/10 food food to choose from after your first week. Week 1 food is preset so there is really no thinking on your end…all you have to do is focus on getting through the transition! This will leave you feeling OK and almost relieved that this will NOT be as bad as your thought!

You will think about food ALL THE TIME.

  • You are going to be thinking about food ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Every second of your first week will be like you have all of the delicious food that has made you fat swirling around your head like the moons of Jupiter. You will want everything you have ever eaten and everything you plan to eat in the future. You will be obsessed with what you “cannot have” and will contemplate giving up a finger for something decent to eat! That first week or two and even three are brutal. You think about food all the time. There is just no way around it…and the ONLY reason you are thinking about it SO MUCH is because your brain is telling you that you cannot have it. And you know what happens when someone tells you that you cannot do something…But here is the trick. You CAN eat those off-plan foods. No one is stopping your. They are probably still in your home. But you have just paid a crap-ton of money for this…you are CHOOSING to NOT eat those foods NOW…for a short time. You have the power here…this is YOUR choice and it is one of the best decisions you have ever made. GOLD STAR for you today!

Clean out your home of off-plan foods. 

  • I did this and it saved my ass in the first few weeks. It is still saving me and I am 10 weeks in! I threw out/gave away every off-plan item in my home. I boxed it all up and got it out of there. I knew it would be tempting to have around and I did not want to throw off my first few weeks with a stupid indulgence or treat. If I allowed it my brain would tell me I had “earned” a treat because I did a few days 100% on plan. I did NOT want to play that game…it was what got me here in the first place!!! My advice…CLEAN OUT YOUR HOME/CAR/WORK/GYM BAG/ SECERT STASH of all that good stuff. You will thank yourself later…at 2am…when you are about to break.

The food is nutritious…it’s not Wendy’s.

  • Will you be hungry? Yes. Will you want something REALLY bad? Yes. Is the food giving you ALL the energy and nutrients and minerals that your body needs to function at PEAK form? YES. You are hungry because you are addicted to eating or the taste or the action or the smell. But you are NOT starving and you body has what it needs to be a well oiled machine. And they have lots of __________…it’s just a nutritious version of it! Your hunger is really just in your head…I recommend therapy for those stupid hunger issues. And you already know there is not a food in the WORLD that can satisfy your cravings or hunger. Your mind needs healing and there ARE people out there to help you. Your coaches get you though a lot. But if you are like me…I needed someone with DECADES of experience in addiction to truly crack my hunger. My coaches got me though day to day and week to week and month to month but my therapist gave me the tools to get through life. And WHO KNEW my ex boyfriend was such an ASS! 😉

These are things that others who have completed the program have TOLD ME. Everyone who I know personally and has been through the program has been successful in releasing their weight FAST and keeping it off some some time. They are NOT worried about gaining it back because they have really changed their relationships with food. These are the dreams I WILL be livin soon…

There are 3 phases to 30/10.

  • Officially I think there are only 2…but in my world there are three.
    • Phase 1: HOLY SHIT. You have paid your money and you have your food. You are driving away and you think…I can’t do this. This is nuts. But then you remember you just handed over BIG $$$ and there are NO refunds! -Not true but once you walk out with your food you they are keeping $650 bucks for all that food and the work they put into you to get you to sign up. And if you get preggers your program is held until you have pushed him or her out and are done nursing. Then you pick up where you left off. You go home…find a binder and organize the shit out of all of the materials that they have given you. You unpack your food and throw away or food bank ALL your food in your house. You have two days to BINGE of what ever you want because D-Day is coming and you want to get in that last ____________ before your week starts. But you already feel shitty because you have really been binging since your brain told you that you were doing this about a week ago…so yeah…You make it through Week 1 and it was not bad but it was not paradise…you have released some weight as promised but you are still wary that this is Oz and a little green man is going to pop up from around the corner pointing and laughing. You are committed to week 2 then shit gets REAL. People look like walking iced mochas…you dream of pizza and burgers…your head aches and you just want to punch walls. But you paid your $$$ and that would SUCK if you threw your week away and hard earned money. So you press through week 2.
    • Phase 2: Weight RELEASING! (CURRENT PHASE!) The fog and mood has passed and you have released some weight! Holy shit…its working and that little gym form Oz is no where to be seen! You are COMMITTED! Yes there will be some bad days and maybe you might cheat. But the guilt in your heart and the pain in your wallet gets you right back on track. Your coaches help you every step along the way. Those SMT recordings ARE working…new age Science is not just magic and gold dust! People start noticing…and you scream “30/10!”…people look at you weird but say they have heard about it…they tell you that they have been thinking about checking it out. You tell them to check out this AWESOME blog then FB you with any questions! Or you just answer their questions right there…You are in CONTROL and your clothes are lose. You might even hit up the Nordstroms Anniversary sale for something new just because your pants wont stay on anymore!
    • Phase 3: Maintenance. YOU DID IT! You RELEASED what you wanted to, you understand yourself better, you are in control of your hanger, and you feel GREAT! Now you get to work with your coach to fend for yourself in this big bad food world. You still weight in weekly if you choose…but you are cooking for you now and you still have your coach and 30/10 to help you make this transition! Your support does NOT go away and you are motivated to NOT go back to your old ways. You realize that you have really changed your attitudes towards food for your lifetime and it feels good to not be so obsessed with food.


  • They REALLY don’t want you eating their food for the rest of your life. And they really don’t want to see you every week for the next 60 years. I LOVE my Weight Watcher leader…but I want to see him socially, not clinically. Their SINGULAR goal is for you to be independent. They want you to change your habits and shift your perceptions, and understand nutrition, and get your head straight so food is no longer an issue of yours. Can’t guarantee you wont pick something else to fill the void that food has left- ummmhmmm…therapy-but MAN that’s a GREAT goal. Independence…true freedom to enjoy food as it should be enjoyed and in a way that will not kill you. What a gift.

See…I TOLD you. It is worth every penny. 


327 thoughts on “30/10 Info and Tips!

  1. Thank you for this Blog! My BF has heard about this on the radio and tells me about it from time to time. I always try to research but it is so hard to get more details. I got lucky tonight!!

    The info you supplied has answered some of my questions and I appreciate it. With 100lbs to remove the more I do I can have about different options the better chance of making the right choice for me.

    Curious, how has the maintenance been going for you?


    1. Hi Renee! That was EXACTLY why I started this blog! When I was doing my research there was not a lot of information out there.

      Maintenance was going great…then not great. It has nothing to do with 30/10 or the support they provide. It has everything to do with me and my addiction. I know of so many people who maintain on breaks and after they have released all their weight. Really- it’s a low carb life in that phase and it is very easy to follow! Have you been in for a consultation yet? If not I would recommend that you take that step after you have compiled all your questions!


        1. When I first signed up, I could pay half up front, then monthly the remainder of the balance. Your best bet is to call for a consultation and ask them at your first meeting!


  2. Hi – first of all your blog is awesome! I’m contemplating doing 30/10 but wanted to know more about the food they provide.. where can i find a list of ingredients? Is it somewhat natural? Do you have to take their vitamins or can you keep taking your own while on the program?


    1. Hi Melanie! They can provide you a list of all of the ingredients of all of their products at a consultation! My list is old and am worried it is outdated. What they provide is natural to some extent but it is “packaged” food. Lots of powders. Do keep in mind this is only what you are eating while losing. Once you are in maintenance phase you are eating 100% real food. There vitamins are included and I recommend you add them into what you are already doing! Best thing to do is make an appointment with them to see what it is all about!


  3. I am only commenting to address the part about being able to deduct the cost from your taxes: no, you can’t – unless you meet the criteria; Medical costs are deductible only after they exceed 7.5 percent of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)


    1. I just signed up today and am on a 10 week plan. 7 weeks to get to my goal and then they built on three weeks for maintenance. It cost me just over $1600


      1. Awesome! Welcome to the “club”! Have you requested to join our 30/10 support group on Facebook? If not you should!


  4. Hi April – I just completed the consultation request form. I used you as a reference just like you suggested. I need to do something and this seems like it will be an excellent fit for me. Melaina


      1. Do you or anyone reading this know if drinking alcohol will really keep you from fat burning for the days or if that is just a way for us not to get hammered and then binge? I want a low cal vodka tonic so bad but dont want to risk it if it will mess up my fat burning…this is so hard!


        1. Yes. It will mess with ketosis. How badly is messes with you will depend on 1000 different factors 😂 If you want a drink, have one and see what impact it makes on your week.


  5. Hi! This blog is a HUGE help! Can you give me an idea of commitment, like…..if you have 60lbs to loose that will take about “x” amount of weeks? (I don’t need the answer for 60lbs, just wondering if you have examples from your network on this) I guess it’s getting close to Christmas if I were to do this now, and yes, I look forward to Christmas for the food, not the holiday…hahaha 😜 no really though. I worry about the holidays. I’m in therapy already, do you feel like their coaches would be added support at that time?


    1. Hey CK! They say you will lose 3 pounds a week…sometimes its more than that and others its less. Coaches are a huge help and the weekly accountability is awesome too. Holidays are hard and the more support you have the better. And if you have to forgo some items THIS Christmas you can look forward to them next Christmas! I would recommend making an appointment to talk with someone in person!


  6. So I have over 160 to lose. I’ve lost over 100 on three other occasions but never kept it off. How many actual calories are on the first few weeks of the diet? I have messed my metabolism up something fierce


    1. Hey Tracy! I have played with this same 40 pounds now for years too! As car as calories I have no idea…I chose 30/10 because I would not have to think about calories and carbs and tracking! 🙂 This program is HARD. But you really will shift your thinking and your eating habits. It is a commitment for life- how we eat now is not healthy and it will never be. To really change, we have to REALLY change and never go back in many aspects of our life. Have you meet with anyone in person at a 30/10 location?


  7. Is the principle of the 30/10 diet similar to the Adkins diet? I ask this because Ketosis was referred to in a question someone asked on this blog. Your information is very helpful – and an enjoyable read.


    1. Hi Lois! I AM SO sorry I am just now responding! I missed a ton of question. In a nutshell- YES it kicks you into ketosis. It is very low carb. What makes 30/10 nice is they take all the guessing and what if’s out of the equastion. Have you gone into a location for a consultation yet?


  8. I recently started 30/10 and just about to finish up my first week (it’s been rough). Not only did i give up all my favorite foods(because they are horrible for us) but i went cold turkey on caffine… SOOO headaches galore… but i’m fighting through it. Can you tell me does the food selection get better? My first week a food aside from shakes and fruit drinks has been terrible.. does it get a little better? i have been put on a 24 week program and for anyone reading this i had to pay 1/2 down and then i can make weekly (i pay 2 times a month) payments until it’s paid for(which will be before my 24 weeks is over). The hardest part for me isn’t so much the icky food i got but the hunger(the fruit drink doesn’t hold me long enough) but all and all it’s going decent. I am pretty tired(they said i might have a bit of fatigue) and on day 5 of my first week i am finally starting to loose a little of the hunger pain… I keep telling myself that all the candy and donuts and bad stuff floating around my office taste like cardboard anyways and i wouldn’t like it. so far it’s working… I do however miss a soda now and then :). Thank you for the real perspective of this program i did read it before my consultation so i was slightly more prepared and had some deeper questions which they said was great. Here’s to going from a 52% BMI to a 24% in 24 weeks… I got this…


    1. I cannot BELIEVE I missed this! I am sorry Molly! How has your progress been? Have you joined of FB group? I would love to know what your journey has been like!


  9. Thanks for answering so many questions. I had a lapband put in about 6 years ago and while I lost substantial weight, 110 lbs, I have put 20 back on and struggle everyday to just sustain and I need to lose another 40 lbs. Thanks for sharing.



    1. Thanks Pete for your feedback! I too will be having bariatric surgury soon. The surgury is a tool I know will help me get to a healthy weight. I will use all my 30/10 knowledge to keep it there!


    1. Weight loss happens in the kitchen. Fitness happens at the gym. Exersize is apart of the program as it is important for your overall health. You will lose the weight with our sweating an ounce if you choose.


  10. I started 4 weeks ago and I will say hunger still gets me
    I am such a picky eater – I like the shaker bottles so choc one for B, then tom soup with riced cauliflower and lettuce (yuk) for lunch with a shaker bottle again afterwards. the meat, salad or mushrooms for dinner and cocoa for evening snack. I lost well the first 2 and none weeks 3 or 4


    1. Your soup rocked cauliflower is a great idea! I know some weeks I didn’t lose anything or much. It’s frustrating but you are putting your body and biology through a big change. Sometimes it just needs time to adjust.


  11. I’ve been trying to do a keto diet. The math and the planning are what is making it very hard for me. It sounds like they have developed processed foods for 2 meals and snacks that meet a person’s caloric needs with the macros already figured. I’m going to continue to try to do it myself. I asked my husband if by the end of summer if I couldn’t lose the weight would he pay for something like this and he said yes.


    1. Yep- 30/10 is VERY straight forward. You spend less time thinking about food and more time thinking about food 😂 You really don’t have to think about what you will be eating daily but you do spend time thinking about food in ways you never thought possible! Let us know how your journey progresses!


  12. I just signed up and picked up my first round of food. I am starting monday to give myself time to clean out the fridge, buy the things I need and to mentally prepare. I do workout and love kickboxing and hiking. They added additional shakes for me to take after working out. Just make sure you tell them everything and they adjust the plan to meet your needs.

    The food doesn’t look very appetizing right now, it’s in little packages and you add water. I hope it is better than I think it will be. But they provide two meals and two snacks, then the final meal is protein and veggies from the approved list. I am switching the final meal to lunch on days that I workout harder. I have 50lbs I want to lose and hope this works.


    1. Hi Kelly! Sounds like you have a solid plan of action! Join our FB group if you would like support! Keep us updated on your progress!


      1. Thank you! I have read every post and in this blog! I successfully went through 30/10 and lost 70 pounds. I originally signed up because my best friend did and had already lost 15 pounds. Every day she would tell me about her journey. I could not sit by while she went through this weight loss without me! I could never have lost this weight without 30/10. This program has changed my life. Yes, it was hard. But no success is without struggle. However, I am struggling with maintenance. Today I searched for 30/10 maintenance on the web because I need inspiration, and I found your blog. I have joined a few Keto Facebook pages, which has helped. I would love to join your FB page. What is the name of it?


        1. Hi Vicki! I got you added to our group! Having a partner through the program is amazing…the FB group will just be more support 🙂


  13. I thought 30/10 included weekly exercise with a coach. Is this true? What type of counseling to they give? I read another blog and they mentioned all you do is listen to mediation type recordings.


    1. Hi Liane! Exercise is something you can choose to do on your own but it is not assigned if that makes sense 🙂 And YES there are tapes that you can listen to that are a big help! The counseling comes through the discussion with your coach each week but it is not counseling as in therapy by a licensed therapist. But the time with your coach is a life saver for sure! Have you scheduled your consultation yet?


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