Fitness happens in the gym….WEIGHT LOSS happens in the kitchen! NYT SAYS SO!

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! The best Weight Watcher nugget over my 5 years as an active and participating member…FITNESS happens in the gym…WEIGHT LOSS happens in the kitchen! When I heard this little phrase something clicked in my head. No matter how hard I was working out it was NOT helping me shed the pounds. It WAS and it IS helping my heart stay strong and keep diabetes at bay- YEAH ME! And then I really started thinking about my “workout math”…when I would bust my ass at the gym or CrossFit I would “reward” myself with a food treat for working so hard…nothing big but something maybe not so good…Starbucks or a dinner out. But that math is ALL wrong. You CANNOT work off what you eat…you would have to burn 1,000,000,000 calories or something crazy like that to compensate for the extra food you are now consuming because of your flawed workout logic. So YEAH me…my heart and muscles and bones are all strong because I bust my ass being active. But that is ALL working out and being active is doing for me. My weight will be released in the KITCHEN and only in the kitchen! THE STRUGGLE IS REAL PEOPLE!



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